Happy 16th Birthday Jordan

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Jordan recently celebrated his 16th birthday – thanks to all who sent cards and presents!

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  1. Lori Mackay Says:

    Happy Birthday Jordan! You just made me laugh so fricking hard with that last entry when I finally the “Forrest” reference!

  2. soledad Says:

    Hi Jordan, I am Soledad from Argentina( do you know it?) at the end of south america. I saw a program about you in TNT or something like this. I want to yo know you had done me something special to write you, i have never done this. You are a special boy, you apreciate the life more than a lot of people who is “normal”. So, i am only want to say Happy Birthday and Happy life for ever,
    lot of kisses
    Soledad( an veterinarian of Buenos Aires!!!)

  3. soledad Says:

    …sorry by the bad english!!!Es lo mejor que puedo escribir, espero que me hayas entendido, besos y saludos desde Argentina!!

  4. naldy arteaga Says:

    hi,I am from El Salvador a small country in Central America,I worked at a university and I recently saw Jordan’s story and it touched my heart, you have so much courage, you are really an inspiration. that’s why I decided to contact you and try to be your friend.

  5. trenchsoul Says:

    Happy Birthday! (Even though I’m probably way late) I just found your blog. All my best wishes and hope for the future. Keep up the fight. ^_^

  6. bahareh Says:

    Hey Jordan,
    I just happend to watch this documentary on you “boy in a million” and I have to say how much I admire you and your dear family and the strength you both showed even in the hardest of times! you definitely are setting a great example for everyone from every walk of life that anything in life is possible if you want it bad enough! I am currently studying medicine, and I have so much hope that soon they will find a solution to this syndrome. keep being strong and follow your dreams!

  7. Zuza Says:

    Happy Birhtday Jordan! I wish you a lot of love, joy and happiness;)

  8. Tuija Lindelöw Says:

    Hi Jordan
    I have an eleven years old boy who looks exactly like you, with your beautiful brown eyes and your lovely face :). He too loves to play football and he was quite envious of your meeting with Frank Lampard 😉
    Your positive attitude to life really made an impact on the way I look at my life and the problems I face.
    I am happy to see that you are doing so well and hope to hear only happy news about you and your terrific family from this day on.
    All the best
    With love

  9. Bill Manfield Says:

    Hi Jordan. I met you with your Mum and Dad at the RNOH just after the first leg op.
    Been thinking about you recently and wondering how you are doing and what you are doing these days. What ever – like to say Best Wishes and Take care

  10. Lurdes Pereira Says:

    Hello Jordan,
    I saw your story on tv show call “reality zone”, last sunday.
    I just want to say keep that joy and strength.
    All the best.


    i do not know if you remember me i did the london marathon in 2000 and met you it was sad to hear about your surgery and hope you are well i heard about this from the woman here in lancashire who ask me to do the marathon and wanted to find out how you are hope your family are ok and this might help i was sick at the end of the race and i still have your picture on my kitchen cupboard it gives me insparation when things are not to well for me hope you will reply and let me know how you are all the best from mark

  12. lizzie mullen Says:

    Hi Jordan, have just seen you on channel 5 in a documentary about a lady called Mandy Sellars, who also has Proteus. Ive been following your story, and it was great to see you again,doing so well, and looking so handsome! You are so strong, and truly inspirational, and i wish you all the love and luck in the world. Take care x


  13. georgina sinclair Says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I saw the documentary of when you were 9 years old last night.(The boy in a Million)Your smile blesses people around you. This morning I went on the web to find out more about the syndrome and see that you have grown into such a fine young man. I want you to know that your spirit is an inspiration to so many normal people who tend to moan about nothing. Thank you and take care.

  14. Antonio Saravia Says:

    Hi Jordan Happy birthday, I wrote you before and I’m writing again from Mexico, I’m so happy that you are doing great, keep with the hard work, you have a lot of fans here in mexico and they all supportin you. Best wishes

  15. Mae Stroshane Says:

    Hi Jordan
    I hope you’re doing well these days!
    Looking forward to including your story in our upcoming book (ssshhhh:-)
    Mae from Boston

  16. Raymond Ruiz Says:

    Hi, Jordan. I want to say hello to you. You are an angel. Your story was very touching for me, specially when I see a smile on your face and your attitude for living. I admire you, and pray God for you. I live in Colombia. I would like to send something typical from my country. Let me know, please.

  17. JUDE Says:

    Jordan happy birthday I hope you had an amazing time with friends and family, best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Marisol Says:

    Hola Jordan,
    this is the first time I write to somebody I dont know… I saw you on TV this morning in my country, Peru, I was impressed with your story, your incredible family, but specially you !!! You are an amazing person !! Keep the spirit…. THANK YOU!!!!

  19. Carlos Morales Says:

    Hi Jordan!

    First of all, please forgive me for my very bad english. My wife and I saw your story on the TV, here in Mexico (The boy on a million). We Admire you so much for your attitude for living. It’s nice to see how many friends you have around the world!!! We are agree with a previous comment, you have a lot of fans in this Country. God bless you always and keep that smile, it makes you only.

  20. Gabriele Barbi Says:

    Ciao Jordan, i write you from Italy. You are incredible, fantastic person. It’s the second time i see you on tv, here in Italy. I have a kid of 6 years old, he is called Manuele, he really looks at you. Everytime i look at you it’s like i see my child. As i am father i wish you the best, i am really happy i knew you, you are great. Hope you’ll be always better. Ciao

  21. Jorge Says:

    Jordan, sos un ejemplo de vida. Segui pensando siempre en positivo. Tenes una familia maravillosa. Felicitaciones por la obtencion de la Champions League de tu Chelsea, un simpatizante mas de pues de conocer tu historia por un documental emitido en Argentina.

  22. monica alvarez Says:

    hola jordan.. soy de buenos aires argentina. siempre veo el programa y hoy encontre t blog y quiero decirte que sos la persona mas hermosa y espectacular del mundo, sin dudas.. sin dudas sos lo mass fuerte y noble del mundo, te felicito por esa fuerza enorme!!!!!!!! a vos y a tu familia que son lo mejor que se puede tener… unos padres increibles.

  23. charmaine Says:

    hey you i am 18 years old and i must say evertytime i watch your story i am deeply moved…you remind me to appreciate the lil thing in life…gosh and you have such beautiful eyes and smile…..All the way from south africa ps God bless

  24. Bets Visser Says:

    Hi Jordan!
    I’m Bets Visser from South Africa!!
    Congrats on your birthday! I know it is past the date but better later than never-HAHA
    I watched you on TV! Boy you have a wonderful spirit within you! How are you doing these days?

  25. zdenka Says:

    My name is Zdenka, and I¨m from Croatia. There is nobody in the whoole world brave like you, and nobody have your beautiful smile. I love you

  26. Helene Yssel Says:

    Dear Jordan,
    I have just watched your documentary and wanted to find out how you were doing. So greatful to see you all grown up and doing well. You are a very special person! I know you would probably have wanted things differently, but you have an amazing spirit and are so strong!!! You are an encouragement to everyone to be the best one can be. My daughter has Turner syndrome and is due for a big heart operation in a week’s time. Your story has encouraged and uplifted me greatly. I will pray for you for good health and a long, prosperous life. Please give my regards to your parents. They love you very much and are so proud of you!! I can see why….. Much love, Helene Yssel (South Africa)

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