Jordan completes his rehab

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Well Jordan completed his rehab for his “longer legs” with knees and feet in just one week!  He can now walk with a stick or with a walking frame and has even had a go on a treadmill!

Of course he had to go shopping for new jeans, new trousers and school shoes!!!!!!!!

Jordan has done exceptionally well and is very pleased to now be slightly taller than me (I am 5 foot 3 inches) and his physio Jennifer!

Huge thanks to his physio therapist Jennifer and prosthetist Emma at RNOH. Clive for the wonderfully finished shaped legs! Also to everyone at RNOH, Mr Calder and his team, Dr Cooper, ITU, the play specialists Michelle and Zoe, the teachers (Gail, Hilary, Chez and team), Liz from the pain team, Coxen and ADU staff and everyone else who made our stays over the past few months more bearable!  Also to Anna for her help with the filming last week.  I haven’t mentioned everyone but take this as my personal thank you to everyone we have come across at the RNOH!  There will be no stopping you when that new hospital gets built!

Thanks also to family, friends and colleagues who have been there every step of the way.

Jordan has completed his journey! Everyone has played a part. THANK YOU!

Jordans first walk on his longer legs

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Jordan was fitted for his longer legs last week and took to them straight away! The video shows his first walk in them and with his first pair of shoes! We are back to RNOH w/c 7th June to start his second lot of rehab.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Dean, Tracey, Jordan and Kai xx

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