Jordan rehab update

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Jordan has now been discharged from rehab at RNOH and will be getting used to his “stubbies” or “little legs” over the next few weeks.  Once he has mastered them he can have legs with knees and feet. He has already managed to play football, climb stairs, walk a slope and play Wii fit!  Jordan has also been using weights at the gym to improve his upper body strength.

Huge thanks to everyone at RNOH especially Jennifer his physiotherapist and Emma his prosthetic technician!

Also all the doctors, nurses, teachers and play specialists!

We are back to RNOH on 16 April 2010 to get his stubbies finished off and then maybe back in the summer to get walking with longer legs. Those shoes are going to have to wait a while longer Jordan!

Jordan starts rehab

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Jordan started his rehab on Monday and is already walking around with a frame on his “stubbies”.  He can get himself on the floor and back up again.  He went to the weight training gym today too.  The infection in his wound is starting to get better with a second lot of antibiotics.

Jordan update

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Jordan had his fitting on Friday (12/03) for his new prosthetic legs – these are just really short ones to start off with so he can learn to balance.  The fitting went really well despite an infection in Jordan’s wound.  He managed to walk along the parallel bars and wanted to do more!  He was really tired afterwards and his arms really hurt.  We are back at the RNOH from Monday 15th March for approx 3 weeks and I will try and get some photos for you all soon!

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