Jordan starts rehab

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Jordan was admitted back to RNOH this week to begin his rehab programme.  He had the first fitting of his prosthetic leg yesterday and managed to tolerate the “socket” and stood on the leg.  He even managed a couple of steps.  The next few weeks are about getting him stronger, getting the fit of the leg right and getting him standing for longer periods of time.  He is trying to get his school work done in between physio sessions and my mum and I have been helping with with an art project – looking around the grounds for things for him to draw and paint (still life).  My mum has made some proper “eyes” for “Forrest” and this has made the nurses and physios laugh!
The staff at the Royal National Orthopaedic hospital have been fantastic – very helpful and supportive and I would like to thank them all – the doctors, nurses, physios, teachers, play specialists and everyone involved in Jordan’s care.
Pictures of “Forrest” to follow soon!
Tracey x

Jordans adjusting well

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Hello everyone

Just to let you all know that Jordan is back at home until Monday 28th Sept.

Have to go back to RNOH for the day this coming Friday for the stitches to come out and for a cast to be taken of “Forest” (his stump!).

Once he is readmitted on Monday 28th he will be in hospital for 4 to 6 weeks, allowed home at weekends. Fitting of the prosthetic will take place on Tues 29th Sept and Thursday 1st October.

He is doing well, has physio exercises to do 2/3 times a day, still getting phantom pains but has special drugs to dampen that down.

Here are a couple of photos showing how well Jordan is adjusting!

Love Dean, Tracey and Kai




Jordan starts his physio programme

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Jordan is doing well and has started his physio programme.  Has stood up a few times with the parallel bars.  His chest is improving and we took him to the cafe for cooked breakfast this morning!  They may let Jordan home for the weekend then back Monday to have his stiches out.  They are doing the cast for his prosthetic leg next Friday then fitting the following Tuesday and Thursday.  All is going well and Jordan is proving to be as tough as ever! He has no regrets at all about the surgery and is already talking about having the other leg done!

Thanks to everyone for their messages, cards, presents and visits.

Love Dean & Tracey

Jordan’s recovering well

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Jordan is now back on the ward and doing very well.  Sat out in his wheelchair today and did quite a few exercises with the physiotherapist Emily.  He also stood up on crutches for a few seconds with his other physio Sheila.  He is getting phantom pains and his chest still needs to clear but overall he is doing remarkably well.  In a side room for now as his white blood cell count has gone quite low.

Thanks as ever for all your messages and cards.

Love Tracey & Dean

An update on Jordan

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After feeing poorly and a CT scan at midnight, Jordan was taken to intensive care on Wednesday night with a suspected pulmonary embolism – this was probably the worst few hours of my life.  Luckily (!) he just has a collapsed lung and chest infection which is now responding well to treatment and we are hoping he will go back to the ward tomorrow.

The actual operation has gone well and the plaster cast came off his stump today, is  healing so well and has been nicknamed by Jordan as “Forest” – (as in Forest Gump/Stump!). Jordan is moving it about with confidence.  he has had the phantom feelings of his whole leg as we were told to expect and thinks it is quite “cool” to “kick” with the leg that isnt there anymore!

Jordan is coping amazingly well.

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards – it means so much to Jordan and to us, we have had such tremendous support.

Thank you

Tracey and Dean

Surgery update

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A message from Tracey and Dean:

“Jordan had his surgery and all went well with no airway problem and no tracheostomy needed. Jordan came out of intensive care yesterday and is doing well. He is still quite uncomfortable but the doctors are doing their best to keep it under control. The loss of his right leg is quite a shock but it is early days yet. Thanks to everyone for their cards,presents and texts”

Love Tracey and Dean

Operation is set for 7th September

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Jordan will be admitted to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) on Sunday 6th September 2009 for surgery on Monday 7th September (afternoon).  The operation is to amputate Jordan’s right leg above the knee.  This is Jordan’s choice due to increased pain and decreased mobility.

The address (if anyone wishes to send cards or visit) is:

FAO Jordan Whitewood-Neal
c/o Adolescent Unit
Brockley Hill

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